Lodge History Part 1

Extracted from  ‘ The First One Hundred Years ‘ - W.Bro L Reeve P.PrG.Swd.B.


On 24th April, 1893, the first of a number of preliminary meetings was held to discuss the possibility of forming a Craft Lodge in the Stone The Brethren mainly worked for John Joules Brewery in Stone and decided that the name “Saint Michael's Lodge" ( the Patron Saint of Stone) should be adopted and that regular meetings would be held at the Assembly Rooms at the Crown Hotel, Stone.


The Petition for the Warrant to form the new Lodge was supported by V.W. Bro. Lt. Col. J. A. Bindley, Deputy P.G.M. of Staffordshire. The Prince of Wales (later to become King Edward VII ) who ruled the craft as Grand Master, granted the Warrant for the Consecration and formation of the Saint Michael's Lodge No. 2487, the thirty first craft Lodge to exist in the Province of Staffordshire.


Approximately two hundred brethren were present at the Consecration Ceremony which was held in the Town Hall in Stone. These included nine Grand Lodge officers, thirty-seven officers of Provincial Grand Lodge rank and brethren from Lodges within the Province of Staffordshire. V.W. Bro. E. Letchworth, the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England installed W. Bro J. Mervyn Wood as Worshipful Master.


The first regular meeting of the Lodge was held on 9 October 1893 in the Assembly Room at the Crown Hotel in Stone. During the Lodge’s first year sixteen candidates were initiated, passed and raised.


Regular meetings of the Lodge continued to be held at the Assemble Room in the Crown Hotel or the Unicorn Inn in Stone. Dispensation allowed Installation meeting to be held at the Town Hall in Stone and on one occasion in 1915 at St Michael’s Hall.


On 27 January 1921 the Provincial Grand Master Lord Dartmouth unveiled the War Memorial in Granville Square, Stone.

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